Terms and Conditions

Before considering a commission from me, you must agree and adhere to all the following guidelines : 



How to request a commission?

There are many way to request a commission! The fastest and easiest way is by sending me a DM via Instagram @daryaelan. Stating what commission type you are interested in. Or by sending me an email at daryaelancontact@gmail.com. Lastly by filling out the google form. Any of these are acceptable - and I hope to work with you soon! 

Can I request for a male to be drawn?

Yes certainly! I specialize in drawing females. However, I would love to draw any request you may have that is of a male instead! Please ask for examples if you would like to see my art style for males and I would be happy to provide that for you.

Are discounts available for commissions?

Yes, I have a few discount options available as well as free commission options: