About Us

Darya Élan


Hello, my name is Darya Élan. I’m a digital artist/illustrator and I find inspiration through Japanese anime, manga, and games. 

I’ve been drawing and painting traditionally from a young age. I’ve always wanted to draw digitally and finally bought my first tablet in 2020. I would randomly draw here and there — mainly trying to transfer my art stills from paper, paints, and pens to the screen.

I had always wanted to share my art on social media, and around 2022 I published my first social media post. I’ve continued to do so until today! 

I love creating art for others and have implemented that into my daily drawings. With the “drawing my followers profile pics” series on Instagram and YouTube Shorts, and with the “drawing your OC’s” videos on YouTube

I also create custom tutorials with my semi realism anime style. I also share my personal art experiences on Patreon!

I can’t wait to create more artworks, videos, and exclusive content! Currently I am working on creating merchandise! Be the first to know more~




Nyaadias has been on the team since the start, and is always there supporting Darya Élan. She is an artist herself who specializes in sculptures and handmade goods. 

She is responsible for many things behind the scenes. By keeping things running smoothly, she brings fresh ideas to the table, edits videos, and actively administrates the Darya Élan Discord server. 

While contributing to Darya Élan, she also is embarking on her own journey of creating her own shop!


Our Journey


Started creating my art style and practicing techniques


Kept up with my art by practicing often


Got more serious about becoming a freelance artist. Created my social media account along with my first posts


Continued growing my social presence, hosted my first DTIYS on Instagram, and launched the Discord server. Ending the year with a community of 5k+ members


Gained over 1M views on Instagram Reels.

~ year in progress ~